MWELA Listserv instructions

MWELA members have access to the Listserv. Upon joining, the email noted on your membership application, your “subscription address,” will be activated for Listserv use.

Please refer to the MWELA Listserv Protocol for information on acceptable postings to the MWELA Listserv. 

On-Topic Listserv ([email protected]
(Please note the underscores nela_aff_MWELA)

  • Questions about plaintiff’s employment law (i.e., representation of employees in disputes with employers)
  • Questions about law practice management 
  • Any other issues directly affecting plaintiff’s employment law
  • NELA and MWELA-related announcements/invitations directly related to plaintiff’s employment law.

If you wish to stop receiving Listserv messages, even temporarily, send an email with the subject line “Suspend Listserv” from your subscription address to [email protected]. To reactivate, simple send your request to the same email with the subject line “Reactivate Listserv”.

Your initial access level to the Listserv will be receiving each message sent to the Listserv (as opposed to a daily summary digest of messages sent), send an email from your subscription address with the subject line “Listserv Digest” to [email protected] if you wish to subscribe for the digest format only.

If you ever wish to completely unsubscribe from the Listserv, send an email with the subject line “Unsubscribe Listserv from your subscription address to [email protected]

To send a message to the MWELA members on the Listserv, address it to [email protected]. (Please note the underscores nela_aff_MWELA)