Support the MWELA Legislative Fund

The MWELA Legislative Fund was established to give employees and our members a voice in crafting and shaping area employment laws, to strengthen employee rights, protect workers who assert their rights, and to make it financially viable for workers to retain competent counsel to help vindicate those rights.

Why a Legislative Fund?

The MWELA Legislative Fund will bolster MWELA’s legislative advocacy by enabling MWELA to hire one or more professional lobbyists who can help see to it that key lawmakers consider our views on matters affecting employees’ rights.

While our members’ legislative efforts have had real success, having a professional lobbyist on our team can strengthen our efforts to pass pro-employee legislation, protect against the erosion of employee rights, and further our coalition work with other employee rights organizations such as the Public Justice Center, the D.C. Employment Justice Center, and the AFL-CIO. With strength in numbers, and with your support, we can make real improvements in the laws that we use to advocate for our clients every day.

How Can You Help Make It Happen?

With your support MWELA will be poised to strike with effective, timely lobbying on legislative initiatives that benefit our clients. Please pledge your support to help us take MWELA’s advocacy to the next level.

Please note that donations to the MWELA Legislative Fund are 100% dedicated to lobbying and are not tax-deductible.