Court of Appeals Vacates Decision Adopting Heightened Pleading Standards

Mazza v. Housecraft LLC, No. 09-CV-1068 (D.C. 2011). The original decision is at 18 A.3d 786; and the order vacating it is at 22 A.3d 820.

The D.C. Court of Appeals, thanks to an amicus brief filed by the D.C. Trial Lawyers Association (TLA), has vacated its April 28, 2011 opinion in which the court adopted the Twombly / Iqbal pleading standards in a home improvement contract dispute where the plaintiff-appellant was pro se. The DC TLA commissioned the Center for Constitutional Litigation to draft the successful brief.

The decision is availableon - line at: (vacating prior opinion).

– submitted by Alan R. Kabat