MWELA members Joel Bennett, Michael Hoare, T.W. Murray, Wendy Kahn, Kristen Alden, Steve Silverberg, and Elaine Fitch met with EEOC Washington Field Office (“WFO”) supervisory Administrative Judges Shih and Odom and WFO acting director Mr. Dana Hutter on January 21, 2004. Joel Bennett noted that they discussed the following federal sector complaint topics:

1. The delay in docketing new cases and assigning them to judges. Judges Shih and Odom will consider designing a docketing form, similar to the EEOC Office of Federal Operations appeal form and civil cover sheet used in local courts that may expedite docketing and assignment to a judge. The form will be sent to MWELA for distribution to members and possible posting on the MWELA web site. The WFO would need approval from EEOC headquarters to post the form on the WFO web site. Administrative Judges (“AJ”s) currently have a case load of about 90 cases in the WFO. The WFO uses unpaid interns in the summer but has difficulty finding law students for the unpaid internships during the school year.

2. The delay in AJ rulings on motions and after hearings. The WFO management is aware of the problem. They have established non-public internal deadlines for rulings on discovery motions. They expect improvement on this in four to six months. Rulings after hearings should be quicker in the future. They indicated six months is too long for such a ruling.

3. Privacy Act objections by agency counsel. The judges indicated that they may revise the

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Newsletter - January 2004