Andrew M. Dansicker
Law Office of Andrew M. Dansicker, LLC

Andrew Dansicker represents employees and employers in virtually every facet of employment law in Maryland, including sexual harassment, wrongful termination, job discrimination, wage and overtime issues, failure to pay bonuses and commissions, failure to pay wages, and disability and leave issues. He has represented clients in administrative agencies and state and federal courts across Maryland and neighboring jurisdictions, and he has represented clients in numerous arbitrations and mediations. While his legal work primarily encompasses employment law, he also handles cases involving nearly every type of civil litigation, including constitutional law, civil rights issues, breach of contract and various tort and negligence issues.

He also devotes substantial time to pro bono matters relating to important criminal and constitutional law issues, including successfully representing a group of Eastern Shore high school students forced to submit to illegal drug testing, a defendant whose farm was improperly forfeited by the government, a farmer accused of felony drug charges based on his use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, a woman charged with various crimes for sending "harassing" emails, and a group of blind voters denied the ability to cast their ballot in a confidential manner.